Need Some Expert Advice? I’ve got you covered, three different ways.

Marketing Audit

I will look over your website, book listings on Amazon, book cover, book pricing, Facebook account (and any other social media that you have set up) and offer critiques and suggestions for what needs improvement. You’ll walk away with a step-by-step action plan that is prioritized by importance level.



Phone Consultation

The phone consult is an hour long, and I have you fill out a questionnaire prior to the call so that I can zero-in on the areas that you need help and have my suggestions ready (this means there is no phone time wasted, and I can pack as much value as possible into your time), I also record the call and send you the file so that you can refer back to it whenever needed.

Email Consultation

This process also starts with you filling out a questionnaire so that I have all of the relevant information in front of me. This is a package deal that consists of four emails to me, and I give you four email responses. You may include up to three in depth questions per email. My suggestion is that you figure out your three biggest problems and email me about those, and use the remaining three emails for follow-up questions/advice.

Price: $250

Price: $100

Price: $100